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Retina & Macula Services

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Retina Specialists offer a variety of Expert Retinal Services and Treatments.

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Dr. John J. Khadem is a board certified ophthalmologist, who specializes in diseases and …

Dr. Cristiana Pieroni is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in disease and surgery …

Dr. Susan Gelman specializes in the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in treating  …


What is the Retina?

The retina is the receptive element of the eye, similar to photographic film which captures the image formed in a camera. The retina converts images into electrical signals, which are transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve.


Diagnostic Tests for Retinal Conditions

Type of Tests We Offer

Our office offers a variety of diagnostic testing that allows our physicians and staff to better understand the anatomy and physiology of the retina. To learn more about the different types of testing available at our office, please visit Diagnostic Tests page.

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a diagnostic procedure which utilizes progressive digital technology to scan full color cross-



B Scan

B scan ultrasonography is a form of ocular ultrasound which uses the reflection of sound waves and to produce a cross-sectional image of the internal structures of your eye.


Dr. Khadem & Pieroni are like gods to me. I had retinal surgery by another doctor who messed up not once but twice. The other Dr. then told me that my condition was hopeless and that I had to accept the fact that I was going blind. Fortunately I did NOT give up and found these doctors who saved my sight 12 years ago. Recently I had the old buckle that doctor who told me I was doomed to go blind inserted removed; it couldn’t possibly have worked as it was inserted upside down. Because these doctors are so good they are in high demand and always squeezing in emergencies. You must accept that there is no knowing how long a visit will take but I can attest that if you have a serious problem this is the place to go

Marvin Schoenberg

Patient Reviews

Everyone here are friendly and nice. I have my visit every 6 months and I am always treated well..

Marilyna Lau

I accompanied my fiancee to his first visit today (I called for an appointment after Dr. Wie’s recommendation) and was extremely impressed with the staff, the facility and most of all Dr. Khadem. Dr. Khadem took his time examining my fiancee’s scans and thoroughly examined his eyes. He explained in detail and listened to us, was so professional and caring. Top Doc if you ask me, too bad I can only give hime 5 stars..I would give him 10 if there was an option. I highly recommend Dr. Khadem!

Milagros Sandoval

Providing the Highest Quality Care in Diseases of the Macula, Retina, and Vitreous

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