For Patients

Most visits for a retinal evaluation require that eyes be dilated for a full and thorough assessment of the retina. Dilation of the eyes causes blurring of the vision and may interfere with activities that require visual coordination, such as driving and operating machinery. It is recommended that patients set aside approximately 5 hours of time after the set appointment time to allow the dilation to wear off before engaging in any activity that requires the concentration of the eyes.

Upon every visit, a quick test for visual acuity using a reading chart and eye pressure check are essential for continual assessment of your current eye status. If you normally wear glasses or contact lenses, be sure to bring them with you to every visit.

Each patient has individualized needs and therefore may require various diagnostic testing for the doctors to have a complete assessment of their condition.

Expected wait time can vary depending on the patient’s individual needs, appointment times, and office workflow.

New Patients

To save time on the day of your appointment, please fill out these forms and bring them with you. If you have any questions, please fill out as much as you can and our staff will be happy to assist you when you come to the office.

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